NewLeaf Partners combine profound strategic insight with an execution-focused approach to help your oganizations grow

The Challenge

Two trends have been emerging in business during the past decade:

Firstly, a rapidly increasing number of alternative sales channels have been adopted by corporate buyers and end consumers. As a consequence, the lines between individual sales, marketing and service channels have been blurred.

Secondly, as businesses have become more smart, agile and fast-paced, old-school sales strategies need to give way to a more execution-focused approach.



As the distribution ecosystem evolves and matures, the balance of value added and value captured by the individual players tends to shift within the value chain.
Some of them are adding less value than before, but they are still receiving the same level of benefits.
Other players require more support now because the competitive landscape has changed.
Whole channels may have become obsolete altogether.
Other channels should be extended but there are constraints as a large part of the available funds is consumed by established players.




  • stopping customer defection
  • fully harvesting growth potential in the company's top 20 accounts
  • winning back part of lost deals
  • extending the business scope of one quater of the company's deals on the buying side
  • generating an additional €5 of service revenue per deal (average deal size €100)


A professional growth plan helps to uncover hidden revenue opportunities

NewLeaf has been working with clients
worldwide to


  • build cross-channel go-to-market strategies with an eye on execution
  • define the right growth path for their business and their customers
  • successfully execute their go-to-market strategy by providing hands-on guidance and support, training, coaching, change management and interim management servcies and resources